Everyone Deserves
‘A Beautiful Food Experience’

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Community ~ Connections ~ Feel Good

“I feel happy and enjoy the food. Today made me feel relaxed, positive and better, thanks for having me here I hope more people experience this”


A simple, sustainable idea connecting local restaurants to bring joy to people experiencing loneliness and isolation by doing what they do best… preparing and serving beautiful food!

This is about much more than just feeding people…

Every day thousands of us go to cafes and restaurants to eat delicious food, enjoy socialising and to feel connected. But for many this simple pleasure is out of reach because life circumstances leave them lonely and isolated.

Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal. Whether its supporting people experiencing ageing, physical and mental health issues, language barriers or homelessness we started this project because everyone deserves A Beautiful Food Experience.

Each month we prepare restaurant quality meals for up to 100 people, and we’re working hard to make this scalable in other local community areas.

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A Beautiful Food Experience: 


Engages people experiencing loneliness and social isolation  


Helps people to feel good and increase their sense of belonging


Connects local restaurants and community services 


Creates volunteering opportunities


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