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Get your Local Council involved…

I have had such positive feedback from everyone who I have invited to the last 2 meals.

Everyone loves the experience. It has also been fantastic for networking with other agencies.

It has also enhanced the social connections between people – we invite people who are often strangers to each other, and it has been lovely to see people interact with each other during the meal.

You are doing excellent work

If you work for a Local Council and would like to explore rolling out A Beautiful Food Experience in your area we’d love to hear from you!

Councils play a vital role in helping us build strong and lasting connections with local community services.

A Beautiful Food Experience offers Local Councils an evidence based model that can help improve and compliment other diversity and inclusion initiatives.

If you work for a Local Council and would like to talk to us about what’s involved in getting A Beautiful Food Experience up and running in your local area please connect with us.

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