Story #9 Meet Chef Andrew

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Meet Andrew: He has volunteered at many of our monthly lunches and always has a fantastic can do attitude and a great sense of humour… we'll miss him in the kitchen and wish him the best of luck for his exciting new adventures


  • Tell us a little bit about you growing up?

I’m 24 and the baby of 5 kids, but more like 10 because Mum had 5 kids and her partner had 5 kids at the same time. We were born and raised to help. My Mum is my inspiration.

  • What are some things you enjoy doing?

I don’t really have hobbies, (I work a lot), I just love spending time with with the people I love. I do love cooking, otherwise I wouldn’t be in this industry

  •  If you were writing a recipe for ‘LIFE’ - what would you top 3 ingredients be? 

  1. Love

  2. Happiness

  3. Family


  • How did you get involved?

I’m a Chef here at Köy Restaurant and when I was asked if I wanted to get involved it was an easy choice. I’ve always been around community work, my Mum has done this kind of work in disability care and the importance of this kind of work hits close to home.

  • What have you enjoyed most about being involved?

I’ve cooked for several of the community lunches and really enjoyed it. I love being out in the kitchen and preparing and coordinating the food. The plates have to look good. Next time I’d like to get out the front and mingle with the people enjoying the lunch so I can see how they experience it.

  • Do you have a special food memory?

The first time I ever helped my Mum in the kitchen I was 8. I helped her with a chicken dish - it’s what inspired me to be a Chef! Also a few years ago I helped at a charity dinner for all of the firemen after Donovan’s restaurant burnt down. It was a pretty intense emotional experience.

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