Story #1 Meet Terri


Meet Terri: Our Founding volunteer; always there from day 1 and our valet parking extraordinaire for walkers and mobility aids...


  • Tell us a little bit about you growing up?

I grew up in Brisbane and Melbourne. I’m one of three kids, all sisters, we’re very close.

  • What are some things you enjoy doing?

I love listening to music and reading. My passion is travelling; I’m off on a ‘sister’s’ trip to Europe in a bit. Can’t wait, but won’t be missing any of the Beautiful Food Experience lunches :)

  •  If you were writing a recipe for ‘LIFE’ - what would you top 3 ingredients be? 

Happiness, Love and Friends and family (not in that order)


  • How did you get involved?

I’ve known Alan the owner of Köy restaurant for years and when I heard about this project starting up I wanted to get involved supporting a great idea.

  • What have you enjoyed most about being involved?

I really love the idea of getting involved and helping the local community. I’m lucky I have flexibility with work so I can be here at all the lunches. I’ve been involved from the very beginning and my mum even volunteered and made the tablecloths. I enjoy the whole day, from the set up to the pack down, but what really love are the conversations I have with people who come along to spend the day out with us. I’ve also become the ‘valet’ parking person (as we now call it) for walkers and mobility aids. We didn’t realise at the beginning how many people coming along would have walkers and other mobility aids and well, we needed to find somewhere to park them. I seem to have taken on that job and I love it! :)